Transhipment & Floating Ports Infrastructure for rapid-growth markets

In high-growth emerging markets, inadequate port infrastructure is constraining local employment opportunities, major project feasibility, and national productivity.

Floating ports are considered highly capital efficient and a particularly economical way to expand port capacity. Floating ports also provide an environmentally friendly way to expand port capacity without the need to dredge and damage environmentally sensitive areas.

National Ports Corporation Limited is an Australian headquartered developer and operator of large-scale floating port, transhipment and shallow draft port solutions.

National Ports is committed to delivering world-class HES performance across its activities and creating an Incident and Injury Free (IIF) culture and environment for the benefit of all.

Our Vision
Our vision is to improve standards of living in emerging markets by facilitating economic growth through the provision of floating port infrastructure.

National Ports strives to improve environmental outcomes by reducing the impact of dredging and conventional port development in sensitive areas.

Hydrogen: 70,000m² Floating terminal for the production of green Hydrogen

Hydrogen 70,000m²  Floating terminal

National Ports Corporation Limited, in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp-Nucera, introduces the first industrial-scale 70,000m²  floating terminal in the world for the production of 1,500 MW of green hydrogen via water electrolysis.

Transmax™ - Transhipment

The Transmax is a large self-loading and unloading transhipment vessel for shallow draft ports. The Transmax™ is a fast-efficient high volume transhipment solution; 185,000 DWT on 14 metres draft. The self-propelled Transmax™ opens shallow-draft ports worldwide to far greater tonnages with no dredging, capital expenditure, or change to materials handling process or equipment.

Floating Island

National Ports Corporation Ltd has developed a 70,000m² (17.5 acre) secure and stable floating island

Oceandock LX™

National Ports Corporation has developed a new safe and secure technology that will redefine floating ports around the world – The Oceandock LX. The Oceandock LX is a 60,000m² self-propelled floating port and supply base with over 600 meters of safe and secure berthing space for multiple vessels and with over 101,000² of under deck storage area.

FiSH™ – Mobile Offshore Ports

With logistics constraints impacting project economics with billion-dollar implications, solving the ‘Distance Problem’ is now an industry-wide priority. By taking logistics off the critical path for delivering first gas, FiSH® floating ports reduce capital expenditure, mitigate risk, and allow revenue streams to be brought online sooner.

Mobidock™ – General Port

Port congestion has become a major problem in high-growth regions. Every major port is struggling to meet demand and remain competitive. Excessive waiting times for ship berthing and associated high demurrage costs are now the norm.