Mobidock™ – Bulk Commodities

Mobidock self loading an ocean going vessel while simultaneously receiving cargo from the Transmax

Mobidock™ – is a very large self-propelled floating port and a floating stockyard

Mobidock is a very large-scale 500,000 tonnes floating bulk commodity terminal developed by National Ports and thyssenkrupp.

This is in response to demand for deep-water ports capable of self-loading any size bulk carrier at the rate of up to 10,000 tonnes per hour in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mobidock™ - provide unprecedented scale & access:

  • Any size bulk carriers including the 400,000 DWT Valemax can berth at the Mobidock
  • Provide a safe, cost effective and practical alternative to traditional port developments
  • Requires no dredging and mitigates many environmental and logistical challenges
  • Can simultaneously self-load any size bulk carrier while receiving bulk cargo from the Transmax
  • Scalable 500,000 tonnes stockpiles
  • The material handling system is under cover
  • No dust
  • No shifting of the vessels during the loading or unloading operations.

The Mobidock is a mobile bulk commodity terminal, differentiated by scale and operability. 

BOO Contracting Model

  •  Zero CAPEX BOO solution

  •  OPEX based on tonnage throughput over time