FiSH™ – Mobile Offshore Ports

With logistics constraints impacting project economics with billion-dollar implications, solving the ‘Distance Problem’ is now an industry-wide priority. By taking logistics off the critical path for delivering first gas, FiSH® floating ports reduce capital expenditure, mitigate risk, and allow revenue streams to be brought online sooner.

  • Unprecedented capex growth in remote, poorly serviced, high-growth regions
  • Multi-billion dollar developments dependent on inadequate logistics
  • Existing ports and supply bases unable to economically service frontier E&D

National Ports’ FiSH® floating port solution is deigned to service the specific needs of the global energy sector, particularly in high-growth regions where developments are increasingly remote or reliant on inadequate (often non-existent) shore-based facilities.

Floating Ports – 3 Key Benefits

  1. For remote on-shore developments FiSH® floating ports can advance schedule by 2 years by opening shipping to site day one, prior to MOF, and without dredging. 
  2. For remote upstream developments FiSH® floating ports strip days from the supply chain, by-pass bottlenecks & security issues, and reduce PSV numbers & steaming times. 
  3. A new system for Safe Transhipment in open-ocean conditions:
    • Unique system for the safe transfer of personnel, cargo & equipment in heavy seas.
    • The proprietary system facilitates remote (at sea) Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IMR)
    • Significant application for sub-sea installation.

For FLNG, FiSH® floating ports materially mitigates HSE risk (and CAPEX) by separating personnel and support functions from FLNG production facilities.

An Industry Recognised Game-Changer

The game-changing nature of the FiSH® floating port solution has been universally recognised by leading International Oil Companies (IOCs), National Oil Companies (NOCs), and global service providers. By deploying FiSH® floating ports in close proximity to remote operations, National Ports materially reduces the cost, time and risks associated with remote offshore field and onshore green-field site developments.

National Ports’ FiSH® floating port solution received Australian Government Major Project Facilitation Status on 5 December 2012. Link to Government website