Floating Island

National Ports Corporation Ltd has developed a 70,000m² (17.5 acre) secure and stable floating island for:

  • Residential and commercial development in countries with limited land area such as Singapore and Monaco
  • Defence Applications
  • Private Island

National Port’s Floating Island is an innovative breakthrough in engineering, it is protected by international patents.

Residential & Commercial Development

National Ports floating island is:

  • Ideally suited for residential and commercial developments in countries with limited land area such as Singapore and Monaco
  • A safe, practical, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly alternative to reclaiming land from the sea.
  • Classified as a ship it has no detrimental impact on the marine ecosystem or local environment.
  • Built off-site and delivered into ready-to-use units. This means no disruption for local residents.
  • Highly capital efficient and particularly economical way to create new land area.
  • Eco-sustainable, using energy-efficient alternative technologies and eco-sustainable materials.

Defence Application

A cost-effective long-life solution to providing forward logistics, staging support, and operational readiness with additional capacity for maintenance and supply, salvage, and rescue hub.

The town-sized island provides:

  • 72,300m² of laydown area
  • 1,092m deep-water berthing frontage for any size vessels.
  • Take-off and landing for various types of aircraft. Greatly reducing the response time for engagement in targeted hotspots.
  • Accommodation buildings for military personnel, helicopter and aircraft hangers,
  • 1,000,000m³ under deck storage area for aircraft, service and repair workshops, equipment, and spare parts.
  • Fixed loading or unloading equipment.
  • Offshore Customs and Quarantine Services

The Island’s self-propelled operational maneuverability provides a unique ability to re-position the island or change location as required to rapidly meet changing needs.

The Floating Island development offers both Defence and humanitarian applications that can be rapidly deployed worldwide.

The patented design means the stability of the island is engineered for safety in severe weather and extreme sea conditions.

Private Island 

  • The flexible design is customizable to suit high net worth clients worldwide.
  • The Island can be positioned anywhere in the world’s oceans.
  • The Island is Scalable to client requirements.

For further information or technical specifications, please email mlucido@nationalports.com