Oceandock LX™



Redefining offshore wind turbine installations around the world.

National Ports Corporation Limited has developed a new safe and secure technology that will redefine floating ports around the world – The Oceandock LX

The Oceandock LX is a 60,000m² self-propelled floating port and supply base with over 600 meters of safe and secure berthing space for multiple vessels and with over 101,000² of under deck storage area. 

The Oceandock LX is capable of:

  • Unloading Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) components from feeder vessels
  • Warehousing the WTG components & spare parts
  • Assembling entire WTG’s including the blades
  • Safe installing an entire WTG in one single lift
  • Safe installation each foundation in one single lift
  • Safe installing an entire Offshore Sub Station (OSS) in one single lift
  • Safe installing an entire field of WTG’s
  • Potential storage of hydrogen
  • Key logistical support and maintenance for Windfarms

The Oceandock LX can be delivered with the following onboard

equipment and accommodation or as client specifications:

  • One 6,000 tonnes pedestal crane
  • Two 2,600 tonnes pedestal cranes
  • Dynamic Positioning capability
  • Accommodation over 100 people

Key Features:

  • Ballastable
  • Self-propelled, easily movable to different locations using its own propulsion units

The Oceandock LX principal particulars:

  • Overall length: 300m
  • Beam: 200m
  • Weather deck loading strength 25 tonnes m² or as specified by the client


The Advantages:

  • Large (60,000 m² or more) clear deck floating port and supply base.
  • Safe installation for wind turbines generators of any size and height.
  • Minimizes footprint in sensitive coastal areas.
  • The location of wind farms is not limited to near shore.
  • It can be positioned and operate in any water depth.
  • Integrated offshore customs & quarantine inspection services.
  • Easily accessible by any type and size of feeder vessels.
  • Reduction of port fees
  • Capital effective mobile port infrastructure.
  • Safe and secure docking facilities for multiple vessels.
  • Reduction of supply chain costs and risks. No need for onshore stockyard.
  • The construction requires no special shipyard.
  • Rapidly deployed in any part of the word.
  • It can operate in any weather condition.
  • Alternative applications across industries.
  • Scalable to client requirements.
  • The economy of scale, an entire field of offshore wind turbines generators can be assembled, stored and installed.
  • It can be purchased or chartered
  • One-stop shop solution.

The Oceandock LX An innovative breakthrough in engineering providing

solutions to the challenges facing today’s global off-shore wind energy